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The Best Lighting for Flawless Makeup Application

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Makeup faux pas. Most of us will experience at least one during our lifetime, whether it is wearing the wrong shade of foundation, getting lipstick on our teeth or poorly blended blush. Do your makeup skills suck? Probably not. Sometimes these things happen because we are in a rush and sometimes it is because we can’t properly see what the heck we are doing. Avoid these and other mistakes with proper lighting. Continue reading

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All Natural Cosmetics – Healthy or Hype?

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With the vast array of cosmetics on the market today that all seem to claim to be the best this or that, it can be very hard to choose. While there is nothing wrong with having a variety of products, what it really comes down to is the ingredients. If you have thought about making the switch to all natural cosmetics, let me give you several good reasons as to why you should.Continue reading

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15 Skin Care Products That Just Might Change Your Life

15 Skin Care Products That Just Might Change Your Life

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Sorry for not posting recently. Sometimes life just gets in the way, but I am very happy to be back. I hope you are having a wonderful 2018 so far. Today I wanted to go over some skin care products that are considered game changers. Having a really great skincare routine is something I think everyone should have no matter their age but it definitely becomes more and more important the older we get. Now that I am in my mid-30s I am really beginning to grasp this fact. Continue reading

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5 Makeup Tips That Will Bring Out Your Photogenic Side

5 Tips to Bring Out Your Photogenic Side

Some people don’t look as gorgeous in pictures as they do in real life while others look more beautiful than they really are. Have you ever wondered, why you are not looking as beautiful in pictures as you should? Some knowledge about the poses, angles, and some makeup hacks can make you look your best. You just have to put in a little effort and you will see an almost miraculous transformation in yourself. To achieve bomb and killer looks in pictures the first and the foremost thing is your makeup. Beautiful makeup can do miracles in making you look perfect in pictures. Your makeup enhances your natural beauty and makes you look phenomenal in pictures. For flawless pictures, one should know the makeup hacks which can bring out their very best features which will result in perfect pictures. For looking beautiful and aesthetic in any photograph, all you need to know is your best angle and the art of doing flawless makeup. You should know the angle or the pose which makes you look phenomenal in pictures. The more you are aware of your perfect angle and your makeup the more you will look your best in pictures. Some of the makeup tips that can bring out your photogenic side are as follows.Continue reading

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5 Tips For Preventing Makeup Allergies

Lip color to mascara to highlighters to eyelash curlers there are various products available in the market to pamper your skin so you feel on top of your game. But the process can turn upside down. The makeup you are using on your skin can leave it itchy, red and scratchy. On average most women use makeup on almost a daily basis but when they experience skin issues they usually consider their skin sensitive. This is not the always the case; use of inappropriate products at the different times of the year can lead to skin breakouts. In addition to this lack of knowledge and techniques for how to apply makeup affects your skin too. However, due to their consideration and lack of product knowledge, women may experience a hard time finding a product that will suit their skin best. Well, there is no definite answer to this question as to what product can serve you best. Because sometimes the products that are under your use for years can also cause pimples, redness or allergic reactions to your skin.  Yet we have composed a list of some general tips that can help you avoid makeup allergies in the future.Continue reading

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