5 Self-Care Ideas to Feel Radiant from the Inside Out

While it is often said that our looks are not what’s most important, no one can deny that most of the time, there is a direct correlation between how we look and how we feel. Be it the psychological aspect or us feeling unwell actually showing on our skin, there is no doubt that taking care of ourselves will only affect our beauty positively. Self-care is an increasingly important notion especially in the past few years, when the world is so hectic that it can easily wreak havoc on both our mental and physical health. So, if you feel like you deserve better (which you do!), read on for 5 self-care ideas that will make you feel radiant from the inside out.

Create a spa right in your home

All of us need a bit of pampering from time to time, but sometimes we’re not in the position to travel to a spa and spend a relaxing weekend there. In those cases, why not bring the spa to your home? Indulging in some beauty treatments such as face and hair masks while enjoying the relaxing atmosphere of your bathroom will make you both feel and look beautiful. Up the experience with soft towels, a towel heater, scented candles and perhaps your favorite music. Do this once a week and you will certainly feel better about yourself.


If you still haven’t taken up visiting the gym on a regular basis, now you have another reason to do so. Besides being healthy, which is, frankly, the biggest perk of working out, exercise can also serve as a form of self-care in many ways. Not only will you feel accomplished and confident after each session (and no one would argue that confidence is the best makeup a woman can wear), but in time, your body will become toned, giving your appearance an extra boost. But the benefits still don’t stop there. Exercise also benefits your skin! Breaking a sweat cleans your pores and boosts your circulation, both of which contribute to a radiant complexion. If going to the gym is too much of a hassle, you can still reap the benefits by getting a few essential pieces of equipment from sites such as Cyberfit and dedicating a corner of your home to creating your own gym.

Eat healthily

A lot of us relieve stress by indulging in our favorite snacks and sweets, and while a bar of chocolate never hurt anyone, binge eating and unhealthy processed foods will make you both feel and look awful afterward. On the other hand, many people believe that the best way to reach their weight goal is by skipping meals – which is definitely not the right answer. Making sure that you eat balanced, healthy meals that are delicious and have all the important nutrients will give your body everything it needs to help you shine. Try to find time to cook your own meals and use fresh seasonal ingredients!

Hydration is key!

Our body is largely made up of water, so it’s essential that we make sure it’s well supplied with this liquid, both for the sake of our health and appearance. If you don’t take in enough water, your skin will look dull and lose its elasticity – something you want to avoid if you want to look youthful. So, make sure you get yourself a reusable water bottle and keep in within arm’s reach at all times. While you probably don’t need to drink 2 liters of water every day (despite what many websites suggest), make sure you’re never thirsty. Besides drinking water, it’s also essential to hydrate your skin from the outside to let it shine. Get a good moisturizing body lotion and apply it daily.

Relieve stress

Finally, you probably already know that stress can wreak havoc on our health, mental health as well as appearance. This is why you should do everything you can to ease your mind and relieve stress the best you can. In fact, the aforementioned tips should all help you in this: treating yourself to a home spa session, breaking a sweat while rocking your new, fashionable gym wear and eating a balanced diet are all great ways to combat stress and all the skin, hair and mood problems that it brings. Besides that, make sure you always dedicate some time to yourself, especially if you’re overflooded with work tasks. Enjoy your favorite hobbies guilt-free because you deserve it. Nothing can replace this kind of happiness and the difference really shows.

Self-care is not all about wrapping ourselves in a cozy blanket and watching our favorite movie. Our appearance reflects how we feel inside so you have to make an effort to take good care of yourself if you want to both feel and look good.


My name is Helen Bradford and I am a journalism student and a freelance writer with a 4-year-long experience in writing. I always strive to create high-quality content, so I can assure you that my contributions will always be very informative, interesting and well-written. In my spare time, I enjoy reading crime novels, doing fitness and spending time with my dogs, Maya and Buster.

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