7 Ways to Eat Healthy While Traveling

There is no rocket science when it comes to healthy eating. Everybody knows the rules to stay healthy. However, when it is about traveling to another destination far from home, we tend to get reluctant about following most of our healthy habits.

We eat without a second thought or track of time. Plus, we do not keep track of our water intake or the number of meals we consume per day. We snack on all the junk we find and have excuses to skip a workout. All this may be very relaxing and entertaining for a trip but it greatly costs you your health in the long run. That is the reason why most of us fall sick by the end of the trip.

Here are some helpful tips for you to eat healthily and keep your body active throughout your trip:

1. Get Rid of Toxins Inside The Body

It is understandable to eat a little differently while traveling. You explore new eateries and try new dishes. The change in food preferences is kind of natural and a part of traveling. However, in the process, you may eat food that develops toxins inside the body. In order to keep the body clean and prevent the toxins from attacking your immunity, drink lots of lemon water throughout the trip. Start your day with a glass of detox water and drink around 3 cups of green tea throughout the day. You can try different kinds of detox water and keep a small mason jar with you.

2. Eat Lots of Salad

No matter where you dine, make sure you intake lots of green veggies in the form of salad in your meal. Always ask for vegetables on the side instead of fries or any kind of potatoes. Eating greens will keep you satiated since they are rich in fiber. Also, make sure you order before everybody else when dining out. Try out new kinds of salads and mostly avoid fattening food like greasy steaks and burgers.

3. Keep Pack of Organic Snacks in Your Bag

It is a fact that traveling drains your energy and you need to eat to maintain it every now and then. Most of us prefer munching on all the unhealthy and fattening snacks out there. If you really want to make healthier choices, keep a whole pack of organic snacks in your bag when packing for the trip. Granola bars, popcorn and different kinds of nuts are some great options. They will fill you up without causing any damage to your health or fitness.

4. Empty Your Hotel Room Fridge

The fridge in your hotel room has got all the junk right within your reach. We cannot help but take two or more chocolate bars, alcohol, and sodas even when we have healthier options. Therefore, make sure the first thing you do after getting to your room is to get the fridge emptied and fill it with your own healthy items.

5. Track Your Water Intake

We usually keep a track of our water intake and drink enough water at home. But when it comes to traveling, your mind gets completely occupied and keeping a track of your water intake is probably the last thing you do. Therefore, you can tend to feel low and dehydrated throughout the trip and this can eventually lead to falling sick as well if you go for too long.

If you want to stay hydrated and active, make sure you drink enough water. I usually take a water bottle with me while traveling so that I can fill it two to three times a day. Plus, I also suggest downloading an application on your mobile phone that reminds you to drink water and also helps keep track for you.

6. More Protein in Meals

We all know how traveling gets tiring and the excessive movement and physical activity leaves your energy all drained. Plus, the change in climate conditions also affects your appetite. To maintain your energy levels and to stay full throughout the day, make sure you take more protein-rich foods with every meal. Your breakfast should have the greatest amount of protein so that you do not have unnecessary cravings or weakness while exploring the destination. Protein keeps the tummy full and satiated for hours and prevents all sorts of cravings. It is an instant energy booster. You can also keep good-quality protein powder with you for quick intake and an energy boost.

7. Do Not Skip Breakfast

Skipping breakfast is the worst habit as a known fact. However, knowing the fact we still tend to skip breakfast or eat too little to be enough in the morning. Therefore, we end up feeling low for the rest of the day and are unable to enjoy everything fully. In order to keep yourself perfectly active throughout the day, it is essential to eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast. Your breakfast should be based on fiber and protein-rich foods. All such foods can keep your tummy full for longer hours and help maintain your energy levels.


Guest Author Noor Najam
Noor Najam

Noor Najam is a 22-year old student who loves to explore food delights and ever-growing new tastes of different regions. She likes to stay fit and make healthier food choices. She thinks she should have studied a culinary related bachelor’s degree instead of her current bachelors in Social Sciences.

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