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8 Must Read Summer Skin Care Tips

As soon as summer arrives, your skin can start to go oily and dull due to excess sweat and clogged-up pores. When we begin to sweat more, the oil tends to attract dirt and clog our pores. That is when the pimples start popping up and we are left wondering what is wrong with our skin.  

We quickly resort to acne treatments believing that it is the only solution. Well, stop right there! And ask yourself why your skin worsened with the change in weather. The answer is always ‘no change in skincare routine’. You must change your skincare routine when the season changes.

The sunscreen, the face wash, the SPF, everything needs to be replaced. Are you worrying because you are on a budget and summer is messing with your skin? Worry not! Follow these summer skin care tips and flaunt your summer glow to the world!

Let the Skin Breathe

Our skin produces more oil and sweat during the summer months and putting makeup on top daily can make things worse for you. The sweat mixes up with the makeup products on your skin and clogs your pores. The clogged pores do not only turn into zits, but also cause dullness and ugly blackheads.  Therefore, try to wear less face makeup during summer and avoid the use of heavy foundations and concealers. Let the skin breathe.

Keep a Toning Spray in Your Bag

As soon as you step out of the home in summers, your makeup begins to melt down and you feel the urge to touch your face and wipe everything away. Don’t panic! Just keep a soothing facial mist in your bag and spray it on for setting everything while giving your face a hydrating boost. Toning sprays help keep the oiliness away and soothe your skin while maintaining its natural glow.

Never Skip Sunscreen

Get your hands on the best sunscreen for summer that does not break you out and that has a high SPF. All those who are above the age of 20 should ideally use a sunscreen with SPF 30+. Also, make sure it goes with your skin type and does not leave a white cast as most sunscreens do.

Use a Deep Pore-Cleansing Mask before Bedtime

Use a Deep Cleansing Pore Mask

Throughout the daytime, our skin attracts dirt due to all the excess oil and sweat. The gunk literally blocks up our pores, therefore, the evening is the perfect time for you to apply a deep pore-cleansing mask. Applying it at night will help you sleep with clean skin with no speck of dirt, makeup or oil that can potentially turn into zits by the next morning. Make sure you apply a light moisturizer on damp skin after washing the mask off. It will help keep your skin hydrated while you sleep. You can also use a topnotch night rejuvenating serum for more intense repair of your dull skin.

Keep Blotting Papers in Your Bag

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Keeping blotting papers in your bag can help you to remove the excess oil without messing up your makeup. Letting the oil stay on your face for too long does not only harm the pores but it can also turn your skin extremely shiny. Instead of using a pressed powder on top of your makeup and making things worse, use blotting papers and save your skin.

Increase Your Water Intake

Our skin usually gets dehydrated during summers and therefore, begins to worsen in condition. If you want to keep it hydrated, healthy and supple during this season, make sure you drink a great deal of water. We all know how important water intake is but keeping a track becomes almost impossible with our jam-packed schedules.

Here is a pro tip: Buy a fancy water bottle that you love to keep with you and make sure you carry it wherever you go. Refill and finish it two to three times a day. Also, you can use a water-tracking software on your phone if carrying a bottle seems too tedious to you.

Exfoliation is a Must

Why exfoliation is a must

We all know how our skin contains dead skin cells, ingrown hair, dirt, and oil. All of that multiplies in summer and that is why you feel the change in the tone, texture, and odor of your skin. Therefore, skipping exfoliation in summers is not a choice.

Get your hands on a gentle exfoliating scrub and loofah. Then, use them every time you shower. Make sure you exfoliate your entire body including face, hands, and feet. Put the scrub on the loofah and rub it in circular motions on the body. It will help cleanse your skin and give it the glow you have been longing for.  

Remember that it is essential to use separate scrubs for face and body as the one for the face is always very mild in exfoliation and odor.

Do not Skip Moisturizer

With all the oil and sweat on our skin, we do not feel the need to use a moisturizer. Keep in mind that using the right moisturizer for your skin type is essential in every season because it helps maintain the pH level of the skin and keep it healthy. Therefore, skipping a moisturizer is not an option, not even in summers.


Summer is the time when sunbeams like anything can affect the skin greatly, especially for those who go out on a daily basis. The skin tends to get dull and discolored if you do not take proper care of it. Adding the above tips to your daily routine will not require much time and they will save you from different skin issues like blackheads, acne, and discoloration.

The main goal should be to keep your skin protected during the summer season and to not let the pores get clogged. Also, make sure the gunk that can build up on the skin does not stay for too long. Keep your skin hydrated and supple by drinking plenty of water and use a good moisturizer for your skin. All these little efforts you make for your skin will help keep your complexion glowing and fresh in every season.

Emma Hanson

Emma Hanson is a mother of two, a skincare freak and an avid reader. She loves trying out new products and treatments for healthy and glowing skin. She shares her knowledge and experience by writing regularly on her blog

Emma Hanson

Emma Hanson is a mother of two, a skincare freak and an avid reader. She loves trying out new products and treatments for healthy and glowing skin. She shares her knowledge and experience by writing regularly on her blog

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