About Me

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Hello, and welcome!

My personal journey began in the early 2000’s after years of suffering from skin allergies, scalp irritation, chronic sinus infections, and hormonal imbalance. After seeing several different doctors and not getting much relief I decided to do my own research. I soon discovered that most if not all of my ailments directly related back to the toxic ingredients in the makeup, skin care, and hair dye I was using. I was shocked and horrified, to say the least.

The hair dye I was using oh so frequently contained heavy metals, coal tar dyes, formaldehyde, and scalp irritating PPD. The makeup, skin and hair care products I was using were filled with parabens, phthalates, SLS, and many other harmful ingredients. How could any of these products be considered safe for consumer use?

I quickly decided that natural was the way to go. From there on out I got myself educated on how to read product labels and began researching safe alternatives to commercial cosmetics, skin care, etc. I was determined to answer burning questions like:

  • Can you still wear glamorous makeup?
  • Style your hair?
  • Take bubble baths?
  • Paint your nails?
  • Wear perfume or cologne?
  • Shave and use deodorant?
  • Wear sun protection?

The answer is yes!

Therefore, this site is dedicated to those of you who are looking to go natural without having to give up the things you love. Whether you are a total glamazon, dapper dan or prefer to keep it simple. Using safe natural products will contribute to a healthy and happy lifestyle.

  • Looking for the best natural lipsticks?
  • Organic Foundations that actually benefit your skin?
  • Are there natural mascaras that define lashes and don’t flake?
  • Cruelty-free skin care?
  • Sulfate and paraben-free shampoo?
  • Non-toxic men’s shaving or beard grooming products?

Get the answers to these questions and more right here. Think natural products are only for women? Think again. Men’s health and hormones are affected by toxic chemicals just as much as women’s. Men too should only be using the best, natural products for showering, shaving, and sun protection, etc.

Not sure where to begin? Worried it will cost too much money? Let me show you how and where to start. By reading the articles, reviews and tips on this site you will get educated on how to choose high quality, effective natural products to suit your lifestyle and budget whether you are a woman or a man. Ready? Let’s go!