Become A Glowing Bombshell With Body And Facial Scrubs

There are many regimens added to a woman’s daily routine, wouldn’t it be nice to simplify them and combine them? Instead of dry brushing, washing, acne treatment, and moisturizing try a scrub which does all of the above in one.

Facial scrubs allow for necessary circulation to occur, cleanse the pores by removing dirt, and clear away dead skin cells, allowing for fresh layers of skin to shine. They then moisturize that baby soft skin to keep it glowing and healthy.

Why Is Skin Care So Important?

The skin is our body’s largest organ. The skin barrier protects all other organs, our bloodstream, and stops bacteria and toxins from penetrating deeper into the body. In addition to these vital functions, toxins are removed primarily by the skin.

Besides the obvious – germs, our skin also guards the rest of our gorgeous bods against harmful substances and other environmental factors including the cold, dampness and sunlight.

Our skin regulates our body temperature so our other vital organs and our brain don’t freeze or overheat.

It’s through our skin that we feel the sensation of touch -ooh la la!

We also receive warning information from our skin – heat, pressure, itchiness, and pain.

Our skin is defined as, “the outer covering of the body that protects it from the environment”, that’s a pretty large job for just one organ, and our job is to protect it.

What is our skin exactly?

Our skin is so unique, we actually have three main layers of it.

The outermost layer is the epidermis, this is that unique skin tone that we each have.

This layer provides a waterproof barrier, like a custom raincoat repelling water and other liquids, while also keeping the rest of your body from drying out.

It has incredible healthful capabilities; it is a natural barrier to keep out viruses and fungi, but it also contains important fatty acids which are natural antibiotics that actually kill bacteria and prevent them from invading the body.

Under our epidermis is what’s called our dermis.

This layer contains our strong connective tissue, our soft hair, and our detoxifying sweat glands. It is primarily made of collagen which provides strength for the skin but also has an elastic and flexible element to it.

This is the layer of the skin which has our nerve endings in it, allowing us to sense pain, touch, pressure, and temperature. The blood vessels of the dermis provide the skin with life’s nutrients.

The final layer is known as the hypodermis (hypo- meaning, “below, beneath, under” and dermis, of course, meaning “skin”), also known as the subcutaneous layer, whichever term used for this lower layer of skin it is a deep tissue made of fat and important connective tissue.

This is the part we’re all trying to lose with exercise and the source of our wrinkles that we try to erase.

This layer insulates the body from the heat or the cold, provides protective padding, and serves as an energy storage area.

Our skin tells us when we have something in our body that shouldn’t be there or needs to come out or change, we get itchy or red, bumpy, pimply, discoloration, or dryness. All of these are little warning signs that something isn’t quite right, and instead of trying to hide them from sight, our focus with good quality skin care should be to try to remove toxins as needed and heal the skin reactions; in other words, to observe and help the skin to do its job.

Body and Facial Scrubs

Organic skin care should be the priority when choosing a skin care product because we don’t want to have chemicals and harmful toxins being put onto our skin and into our cells, the whole idea is to get rid of obtrusive elements from our skin and to nurture it.

Most cosmetic products, counter-productively, have chemicals added to them, most of the results of which haven’t been studied over a long period of time.

When a skin-health product is not organic, this means that the elements could be genetically-modified; filled with random and unfitting ingredients.

It also means that the ingredients could, and probably are, heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals to kill off insects and other lifeforms such as herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides.

Organic cosmetics are made without the use of these dangerous, hazardous chemicals and are not genetically engineered. The ingredients are grown naturally as they do in nature and are therefore a superior and safer product for your skin. You’re better off if the ingredient list is composed of things you know, and not three inches long of unknown terms.

Finding the best organic skin care products to enhance your regular skin care routine is the optimal choice when considering proper skin health.

A necessary part of skin health is massage, to allow the blood circulation to get moving. This gets the blood pumping in the area, causing a healthy flush, and it encourages the blood to do its duty – bring in oxygen and carry out waste.

Some of the key elements of skin care which body scrubs alone provide are:

  • Circulation, blood flow
  • Pore activation
  • Removal of dirt
  • Extraction of build up
  • Dead-skin removal
  • Acts as a make-up remover
  • Clears acne or problem skin
  • Replaces Moisturizer
  • Healthy skin tones
  • Naturally glowing skin
  • Overall skin health

How To Choose The Best Body and Facial Scrubs

So, how do we all become glowing bombshells with healthy skin from Organic body scrubs? It’s simple.

First, you want to observe your skin. What problems are you having with it, if any? Too oily, too dry, acne, red, itchy?

Depending on this you’ll want to decide what type of scrub is best for you, coarser grain in the scrub such as salt is best for problem skin like Acne, while a softer grain such as sugar is suitable for sensitive skin.

Many carrier oils and essential oils provide different beneficial qualities that you’ll want in your scrub depending on your personal skincare needs.

An example of opposing qualities that you will want to take into consideration is: does it have invigorating or relaxing properties – your decision of which quality you prefer would probably depend on if you do your showers or facial washing in the mornings when you rise and shine or in the evenings before you get your beauty sleep. A common invigorating and rejuvenating essential oil is peppermint, a common relaxing and calming essential oil is lavender.

Steps for using a facial or body scrub when performing your organic skin care routine:

  1. Start with warm water to wet your skin and open up your pores
  2. (Face Scrub) Apply scrub to face, rubbing gently in circular motions avoiding eyes and hair
  3. (Face Scrub) If ingredients are safe for the mouth, apply the scrub to lips to remove dry, chapped skin
  4. (Body Scrub) For best circulation, apply in circular motions starting at the heart and moving away from it towards limbs
  5. Rinse scrub and residues off (if too oily, use some soap to cut the oil)
  6. Gently pat dry
  7. Proudly wear your healthy, glowing, beautiful skin and consider avoiding makeup, because who needs to cover up their lovely face anyway?

Body scrubs hold more than one purpose, from which, you can cut your many skin-care routines down, by using one cosmetic that does it all and is safe for your skin resulting in clean, clear, and beautifully glowing skin.


Moriah Dawn
Moriah Dawn

Moriah Dawn moved from bustling Los Angeles to the “Pine Tree State” to write, homestead, and raise a family with her husband in Maine’s serene and adventurous setting. She loves blogging, ghostwriting and writing children’s books all while in pursuit of her idyllic lifestyle. Passionate about many areas in life, she is the founder of an Organic beauty and health cosmetic line helping others to improve their skin and overall health rather than focusing only on appearance.

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  1. Moriah Dawn says:

    Thanks! That’s great that your skin feels alive, we love hearing that!

    Glad you found the article informative.

    ~ Moriah

  2. Informative article, thanks for the info. Would you recommend a scrub for handling rawness/redness on skin from the cold?

    1. Moriah Dawn says:

      You’re welcome!

      Absolutely! Not so much a scrub, but a home remedy that works wonders for this that you can do yourself is to blend milk and a banana and then soak your hands in it for at least 5 minutes and then rinse them.

      Another favorite cream that I like to use is Calendula, and I use this as a base in some of the body butters that I make at Body Love.

      Would love to hear back on how it works for you!


      1. Nico says:

        The banana blend worked really well—thank you for the recommendation!

  3. Susan Stewart says:

    Great article by Moriah Dawn. Very informative with useful recommendations. Have used her Body Love scrubs and absolutely LOVE them. She has different ones for different purposes. Both the sugar scrubs and the salt scrus work very well and make my skin feel alive!

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