How To Start Making Sustainable Choices In Cosmetics

Being pretty isn’t just about looking pretty. If you want to really be beautiful, your lifestyle should be beautiful too. Working on your appearance and thinking of the planet simultaneously is definitely one of the things that will make you worth admiring.

Keep track of the waste

By keeping track of your waste, you will develop more eco-friendly habits easily. You can start doing this by simply placing a wastebasket near your mirror. The next thing you should is vow to keep empty for as long as you can. If you pile on issues and wipes, you’ll notice that you should start using something more sustainable. For instance, getting reusable makeup removal wipes is a much better idea that is also budget-friendly.

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Reuse, recycle

Switching to reusable cosmetics is crucial if you want to make more sustainable choices. The brands that allow you to refill are your best friends here. You won’t compromise your beauty regime if you purchase products in packaging that doesn’t damage the environment. This year is about forgetting just the visual appeal. If you opt for more than just the looks of a product, you’ll immediately seem prettier on many different levels.

Get rid of the chemicals

Beauty products tend to be filled with chemicals. While these chemicals will get you momentary good results, they will never pay off in the long run. Chemicals such as parabens and sulfates can be found in face creams, eyeliners, shampoos. If your skin absorbs them, they will destroy cells inside your body. Instead of opting for such destructive ingredients, look for the ones in fine organic makeup that will do your skin only good.

Aim for less

If your beauty routine takes up to two hours, you should consider changing it. This kind of routine takes a lot of time and money. Opting for less will save you both of these important features. Get some multi-purpose makeup and see how efficient you can be in the morning with a simplified routine.

Get informed

You have the right to know what you put on your face. Legally, cosmetics are obliged to carry the list of ingredients. Nothing stops you to find out all you can about the benefits and downsides of certain ingredients. You also have to be informed of the way how to use a hazardous product and how much of a dangerous ingredient the product contains. A lot of consumers forget that they can do this before purchasing. Don’t make the same mistake and act consciously.

Create your own products

You can find a lot of cleansers and masks you can make at home. This is interesting because you’ll be making your own products, but it’s also budget-friendly. Another benefit of DIY masks is that you’ll know what your mask consists of exactly. You can say goodbye to GMO or kosher ingredients. Not only sustainable, but your choices be more ethical if you, for example, use fruits from your garden. Use glass bottles to keep the new cleansers to practice sustainability even further.

Pay attention to the packaging

If you want to do something green, but you stick to the plastic packaging, you won’t be doing much. Cosmetics usually come in plastic packaging and because of that, it can’t be recycled. If, on the other hand, you manage to buy products with glass or cardboard packaging, you will participate in saving the planet. If you don’t know what sustainable packaging is, you can always ask. Of course, look for refillable options whenever possible. For instance, getting shampoo bars instead of plastic bottles is a great way to start.

Switch to bamboo toothbrushes

Switching to bamboo brushes is a great way to practice sustainability. Toothbrushes are things you can’t live without and if you do the bare minimum of just getting the more eco-friendly one, you’ll make a huge difference. The plastic brushes are usually followed with hard bristles, while dentists suggest using softer bristles, like the ones on bamboo brushes. They are not only great for the environment since they can compost, but they are also good for your teeth.

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Use the entire product

Throwing the make-up away before you finish it absolutely is a very bad idea. You’ll be wasting money, this way, but not only that; all the excess make up will end up in landfills or the ocean. If it’s possible, you can cut on the package to make sure you’ve used the product in its entirety. You’ll be surprised to see the amount of the product you would normally throw away.


Making sustainable choices in cosmetics isn’t hard. You don’t have to go far to see how you can contribute and how important your contribution is. If you haven’t already, start by getting a bamboo brush and a shampoo bar and then implement all of the other tips in your everyday beauty routine.


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