5 Tips to Bring Out Your Photogenic Side

5 Makeup Tips That Will Bring Out Your Photogenic Side

Some people don’t look as gorgeous in pictures as they do in real life while others look more beautiful than they really are. Have you ever wondered, why you are not looking as beautiful in pictures as you should? Some knowledge about the poses, angles, and some makeup hacks can make you look your best. You just have to put in a little effort and you will see an almost miraculous transformation in yourself.

To achieve bomb and killer looks in pictures the first and the foremost thing is your makeup. Beautiful makeup can do miracles in making you look perfect in pictures. Your makeup enhances your natural beauty and makes you look phenomenal in pictures. For flawless pictures, one should know the makeup hacks which can bring out their very best features which will result in perfect pictures. For looking beautiful and aesthetic in any photograph, all you need to know is your best angle and the art of doing flawless makeup. You should know the angle or the pose which makes you look phenomenal in pictures. The more you are aware of your perfect angle and your makeup the more you will look your best in pictures. Some of the makeup tips that can bring out your photogenic side are as follows.

Prepare Your Skin:

Makeup looks phenomenal on flawless skin. If you have a sunburn, dark spots, scars, and acne marks on your face then you should properly prepare your skin for the makeup in order to get the smoothest application so you look great in pictures. All you need to do for making your face photogenic is to follow a good skincare routine. When you do all the steps of a proper skincare routine before doing makeup, it will make your skin look young and fresh in pictures. The first and foremost thing you should do to prepare your skin for makeup is the application of a facemask that is suitable for your skin type. The application of the quality facemask will make your skin radiant and glowing and you will look outstanding and outlandish in a picture from every angle. The second step is to apply a really good moisturizer on the face. Moisturizer will make your skin dewy, glowing and bewitching. These two steps are especially important if you are applying makeup for a wedding or other special occasion. 

Apply Foundation Evenly:

Wrinkly and the crinkly foundation can make you look terrible in pictures. One has to make sure that you are applying the right foundation in a correct manner. You just have to select the foundation according to your skin tone and texture and that you apply it evenly to your face. A full- coverage foundation can really help you in looking flawless in pictures. The foundation will hide any unwanted marks, scars, and dark spots on your face. It will also hide any discoloration and make your skin look perfect and enchanting in pictures. The more evenly you apply foundation to your skin the more beautiful it will appear in pictures. Flawless skin will always make you look attractive and beautiful in pictures. Therefore, you should apply the foundation as perfectly and evenly on your face as possible in order to look help achieve your best look overall.

Contour, Conceal, and Highlight:

The most important things you can do after the foundation to make yourself look beautiful and phenomenal in pictures are contouring and concealing. You should have a really good concealer in order to hide any marks, dark spots, and scars on your face. The concealer will make your skin look fresh and beautiful and it also makes your eyes appear wider and bigger when you use the concealer to cover up any redness or dark circles or bags under your eyes. After concealing you should contour and highlight. The contouring and highlighting will make your best features more prominent and make you look stunning in pictures. You should highlight your cheekbones, nose, and brow bone area. Apply a powder or cream highlighter after contouring. 

Make Eyes Beautiful:

Eyes are one of the most attractive and captivating features on the face. When you apply makeup on your eyes, your eyes look bigger and more alluring. In order to make yourself photogenic, you should do good eye makeup on your eyes. You should apply an eyeliner and mascara on your eyes and if you want the glamorous look you can apply highlighter to the center of your lids and just under the brow bone. You should apply eyeliner only to the ¾ part of your lash line and you can further enhance the beauty of your eyes by applying a highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes. If you have wrinkles on your upper eyelid then you can hide the wrinkles by emphasizing your eyelashes more. You can make your eyelashes more prominent by curling them and by applying several coats of mascara. This will help make your wrinkles less visible in pictures. Beautiful eye makeup can make you look phenomenal and amazing in pictures from every angle.

Glossy or Prominent Lips:

One thing which can give you look amazing in pictures is a glossy lipstick or lip gloss. If you don’t like the glossy lip look then you can also wear a matte red organic lipstick on your face in order to look stunning in pictures. A cherry red color or another skin tone appropriate red shade can make you look brighter or more exotic in pictures. The right choice of lip color alone can make you look stunning in pictures without any extra effort for tips on how to choose the right color read here. Smiling will also always enhance your beauty in pictures and make you look more alluring. 


Guest Author Sania

Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and traveling are eternal.


Sania is a student of accounts and finance. She enjoys shopping, trying out skincare remedies and blogging about anything that is related to beauty and self-care. Her love for pets, tea and traveling are eternal.

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