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Makeup Tips for Older Women: Looking Fabulous at 50 and Beyond!
“Don’t be afraid. Change is such a beautiful thing”, said the Butterfly.” ~ Sabrina Newby

Hello, beauty Mavens!

As you get older you may start to think that your days of looking beautiful are numbered. Yes, aging happens to us all whether we like it or not. Just because your body is maturing doesn’t mean that you can’t still look just as pretty as you always have. So, you have a few wrinkles or your skin tone isn’t quite as vibrant as it once was. It happens.

Even though aging is inevitable there are steps you can take to ensure that you always look your best, no matter what age or stage of life you are in. I say to hell with the mentality that just because you are older you can no longer be beautiful or glamorous! It’s just not true. 

Here are some great tips and guidelines to follow so that you are looking your most fabulous at 50 and beyond!

Eat a healthy diet, plenty drink of water, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly

I know this subject has been written about over and over again and I am preaching to the choir, but this really is the key to looking and feeling great at any age. So, please just think of this as a gentle reminder. Daily exercise helps increase oxygen in our bloodstream and improve circulation, which in turn greatly benefits your complexion. 

Apply Moisturizer Every Day –

woman-applying-lotion-to-wrinkles_shqhnzImage Source

Properly prepped skin is key to flawless makeup application, so start your morning makeup routine with an excellent facial moisturizer. Look for products with all-natural and organic ingredients that contain nourishing oils that are specifically suited for mature skin, such as pomegranate seed, argan, geranium, and carrot seed. As we age our skin tends to dry out, so keeping it moisturized helps to maintain skin elasticity, which will in turn help to prevent wrinkles. 

Badger Balm Damascus Rose Beauty Balm or Facial Oil

beauty-balm-organic-roseImage Source

Very nourishing and moisturizing. Made with completely natural and organic ingredients that will leave your complexion soft, supple and glowing. Cruelty-free.

face-oil-rose-jojobaImage Source

If you prefer something a little lighter then I recommend the facial oil. Antioxidant-rich, certified organic blend of precious plant oils formulated to restore and protect delicate or dry skin. Can be layered under the Beauty Balm for extra moisture. This uplifting floral blend features Damascus Rose essential oils, a concentrated extract of rose blossoms. Clinically tested non-comedogenic.

Nourish Organic Ultra-Hydrating Organic Face Cream


The rich, creamy formula replenishes moisture, softens skin and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Fast absorbing cream made with Moroccan Argan oil for its intense hydration and skin replenishing benefits, pomegranate seed oil firms and protects skin from environmental damage and acai fruit oil fights fine lines and reduces signs of stress and fatigue. Fragrance-Free. Gluten-Free. Vegan.

Ecco Bella Age Antidote Day Cream


This best-seller from one of the #1 vegan beauty companies is made with all natural and organic ingredients to moisturize, nourish, and protect your skin from the signs of aging. Full of powerful antioxidants and skin vitamins: Lutein, lycopene, beta-carotene, astaxanthin, CoQ10, Vitamins C & Super Vitamin E. The formula is designed to deliver these nutrients deep into your skin to protect and rejuvenate it from stress, sun, environmental aging, and blemishes.

100% Pure Organic Matcha Anti-Aging Moisturizer


Deeply nourishing facial moisturizer made with glacial water infused with matcha green tea, nourishing nutrients like shiitake and reishi mushrooms, Oregon grape root extract and sea buckthorn oil increase suppleness, elasticity and softness. Multivitamin and antioxidant concentrate fights free radical damage while helping to restore previously damaged skin for a youthful and radiant complexion.

Wear Sunscreen –

sun-care1-763x273Image Source

Prevent sun damage and age spots by wearing a minimum of SPF 25 every time you go outside. Nothing ages skin faster than sun damage. Facial sunscreens are formulated specifically for our more delicate facial skin and are usually much lighter than products designed for your body, often come in a tinted option, and wear well alone or under makeup.

Badger Balm SPF 25 Damascus Rose Face Sunscreen

badger-spf25-rose-face-sunscreen-tube-boxImage Source

Lightweight and easy to apply organic formulation can be worn alone or under makeup. Provides excellent UVA/UVB protection with non-nano zinc oxide. Great for all skin types – lab approved non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic. Cruelty-free and safe for coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Daily Defense Cream SPF 17


Another great option, this daily sunscreen combines all-day, moisture-quenching hydration and nourishing bio actives, including Astaxanthin, with Zinc Oxide to protect against free radicals and help prevent premature aging in one, easy step. 

This can be worn on its own (no other moisturizer needed) or layered over another face cream. Can also be worn under makeup. Made without GMO, Gluten, Parabens, Petroleum, Phthalates, Sulfates, Ureas, Artificial Fragrances, and Artificial Colors. Vegan. Cruelty-free. EWG Verified.

Don’t Forget Your Eye and Neck Area!

Young Woman Washing Her Face

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The skin around your eyes does not have as many oil glands as the rest of your face, so this is the area that tends to show signs of aging first. A good anti-aging eye contour cream applied daily will help keep you looking fresh and awake. You don’t want crepey, dry, sagging under-eyes do you?

Your neck is another area that can give away your age or makes you look older than you are if neglected. Apply your facial moisturizer to your neck area morning and night to help keep it smooth. Because let’s face it, no one wants to look like this…

ssImage Source

Nourish Organic Renewing + Cooling Eye Treatment Cream


Revive tired eyes with this fast-absorbing, nutrient-rich Renewing & Cooling Eye Treatment. Rich avocado and Moroccan Argan Oil condition and hydrate the skin while the innovative cooling applicator helps reduce puffiness and dark circles. Ideal for normal to dry skin. Organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

MyChelle Dermaceuticals Remarkable Retinal™ Eye Cream


Clarify, correct, and nourish the delicate eye area with this advanced formula. Vitamin A, Plant Stem Cells, and Ceramide 3 promote healthy skin cell renewal. Also formulated with organic argan oil, cloudberry seed oil, and olive squalane to nourish and hydrate. Dermatologist and Allergy tested.

100% Pure Retinol Restorative Neck Cream


A youth revitalizing neck cream formulated with concentrated hydrolyzed red quinoa to increase elasticity for a firmer, more lifted neck. Retinol reduces lines and wrinkles while olive squalane and hyaluronic acid locks in hydration, niacinamide brightens and evens skin tone for supple, smooth skin. Collagen boosting, age corrective cream for a more youthful neck.

Now that we have covered those basics above, let’s get to the fun stuff!

Top Makeup Tips for Women 50 and Above

makeup-tips-for-older-women-2015-6Image Source

Prime Your Skin – 

Primers help to create the perfect canvas. Use on your face, lips, and lids before you apply your other makeup products to help everything go on smoothly, help keep it in place all day, prevent caking, and creasing.

DAB Herb Makeup Organic Primer

il_570xn-909118645_aygcImage Source

Feed your skin with this high-quality antioxidant-rich facial moisturizer and primer in one. Brightens and tones with vitamin c rich and collagen boosting rosehips, healing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and soothing calendula, horsetail, coconut, and hempseed. Handmade, vegan and cruelty-free.

PHYTO-PIGMENTS Illuminating Primer from

2295555Image Source

Lightweight, primer formulated without silicones. Witch hazel with coconut alkanes in an antioxidant-rich, organic base of botanical juices infused with an age-defying serum that will illuminate skin, smooth away lines & wrinkles and blur imperfections for a flawless complexion and naturally beautiful radiance. Vegan and cruelty-free.

100% Pure Luminous Primer


Light reflective pigments diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles. Makes skin appear more luminous, bright, healthy, and glowing. Infused with red wine resveratrol, vitamins, and antioxidants to shield from free radical damage and environmental toxins.

Stratus Luminous Skin Perfecting Primer

getdynamicimageImage Source

Begin your makeup routine with Stratus from Vapour Organic Beauty for a refined and radiant canvas. This complexion-enhancing primer instantly balances skin, to smooth texture and diffuse lines. Available in three shades that go on clear to even and perfect skin tone.

Features beauty-boosting botanicals, including Vapour’s proprietary Herbal Enlightenment Complex and Deep Moisture Complex of rich organic Pumpkin and toning Elderberry.

Switch to Cream-Based Cosmetics –

Powder cosmetics tend to settle into fine lines and enhance wrinkles, especially if your skin is on the drier side. Cream products will help to fill in and diminish the appearance of any lines and wrinkles. Using cream foundations, eyeshadow, and blush will help to give your skin a smooth, even and glowing appearance. CC creams are a wonderful option if you are not into wearing foundation and they often contain SPF.

100% Pure Cosmetics 2nd Skin Concealer


Normally I wouldn’t recommend a liquid concealer for mature skin since they tend to settle into fine lines. This one is the exception. Colored from fruit pigments and hydrating olive squalene. It’s easily blended, and buildable, giving you even coverage with a natural finish, that looks and feels like a second skin.

RMS Beauty “Un” Cover-Up

rms_headerImage Source

Completely lightweight and hydrating to the skin, this unique formula will reveal more youthful and radiant skin. Minimizes the appearance of pores and rejuvenates the skin. Can be used as a foundation or a light concealer as it visibly melts into the skin while covering imperfections and redness. Provides even coverage for flawless looking skin that will never look heavy or dry. Moisturizes heals and looks like a beautiful second skin. Comes in 7 shades.

 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Cream Foundation

100-pure-fruit-pigmented-cream-foundation-0-32-oz-11Image Source

Cream foundation glides on effortlessly, blends extremely well for medium to full coverage with a nice glow. 100% natural, healthy and nourishing formula colored from fruit, vegetable, and seed pigments for antioxidant protection.



Available in 5 shades, ideal for all skin types and especially beneficial for skin showing the signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles. This 12-in-1 product has the following benefits –

  • Reduces appearance of fine lines & wrinkles
  • Broad spectrum sun protection
  • Evens skin tone
  • Smoothes uneven texture
  • Creates a radiant, glowing complexion
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Protects with mineral SPF 30
  • Ultimate moisturizer
  • Skin perfecting color
  • Mineral tinted coverage
  • No chemical sunscreen
  • Non-nano natural sunscreen

Formulated without parabens, petroleum, propylene or butylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulfates, pesticides, phthalates, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances. Never tested on animals.

Honest Beauty Everything Cream Foundation

kyan5qrr-wdpImage Source

Natural formula, infused with chamomile, calendula, and vitamin E, this soft antioxidant-rich cream foundation conceals and conditions skin. Jojoba oil moisturizes and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Mineral pigments blend smoothly to match skin tone. Get a full coverage with a velvety finish and no stickiness. Flawless, weightless. Comes in 8 shades from pale to deep. Made without: parabens, paraffin, silicones, talc, petrolatum, mineral oil, or synthetic fragrances.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Cream Foundation


Image Source

Organic creme foundation combines pure pigments and organic oils to give you the nourishing, buildable coverage you want with a weightless, fresh finish. Available in 13 shades. Formulated without gluten, parabens, fillers, animal by-products, synthetic preservatives or toxins, our organic creme foundation is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.

Less is Definitely More

Now is the time to skip the heavy eye makeup, anything with a high amount of frost or glitter, and dark lips. Stick with youthful colors such as pretty pinks, light reds or peaches for lips and cheeks. This will help give you that fresh, youthful glow.

Fill in your lips

A creamy lip liner to help keep your lip color in place. This will prevent feathering and bleeding of color around your lip line and it will help it to last longer.

Fruit Pigmented Lip Creamstick

purpnlippencil-2Image Source

These all natural creamy pencils are non-waxy and will not feather or bleed. Colored with natural fruit pigments and formulated to be long-lasting. Use alone as all over color to your lips or use as a lip liner to shape lips and to make lipstick last longer. Free from lead, synthetic chemicals, artificial fragrances, and chemical preservatives. Available in 3 shades.

Multi-Tasking Lip + Cheek Products – 

Lip and cheek tints are convenient, they look so fresh, young, and pretty and leave your complexion with a nice glow. Look for products that contain moisturizing ingredients that benefit your skin.

Gabriel Multi Pot

untitledImage Source

This is a fabulous 3-in-1 product for the classic modern woman on the go! You can use these on your eyes, lips, and cheeks. The gluten-free multi pot colors add a subtle sun-kissed flush that is easy to blend and buildable.

RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek

1996_800x800cImage Source

The nine lip2cheek colors are the result of over 20 years experience applying makeup to some of the world’s most beautiful faces. Created with nourishing organic ingredients, each unique shade can vary from a sheer to a more densely colored stain. Use on lips and cheeks for a healthy, glowing complexion.

100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Lip & Cheek Tint

100-percent-pure-lip-cheek-stainImage Source

100% Natural formula was designed to be used as a cream blush and a lip tint. Pure fruit pigments in a base of skin and lip softening and moisturizing shea and cocoa butter. Highly concentrated with anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants. Available in 6 gorgeous colors.

Go Lighter On The Eyes – 

Dark colors can look heavy, so use sparingly. Instead, try switching to softer nudes and taupe, these will look beautiful by adding just the right hint of color. Soft blues, plums, silver or gold can look beautiful too if they are not too shimmery. Products with too much frost can enhance lines and wrinkles.

Au Naturale Cosmetics Organic Cream Eye Shadows

au_naturale_creme_shadow_ivoryImage Source

These organic creme shadows provide long-lasting color and rich texture without feathering or fading. Can be used as stand-alone shadows or eyeliners.

Formulated without gluten, parabens, fillers, animal by-products, synthetic preservatives or toxins, our organic creme eyeshadow is 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.

RMS Beauty Eye Polish

rms-beauty-cream-eyeshadowImage Source

What makes these different is the veil of sheer metallic hues that gives a glowing, light-reflective finish not seen in traditional eye shadows. Easily blended for a sheer or more intense look.

Phyto-Pigments Cream Shadow Stick

phyto-pigments-cream-shadow-stickImage Source

For all skin types and for all ages who are looking for sheer, natural-looking or vibrant, eye color. These shadow sticks are very convenient. Apply at home or toss them in your purse and go.

Here is an excellent eye makeup tutorial from Tricia Cusden of Look Fabulous Forever.

So, Just to recap –

  • Prep your skin with a moisturizer and sunscreen
  • Prime face, lips, and lids
  • Wear cream based products
  • Choose youthful shades of pink, peach, and red
  • Don’t go too heavy on the eye makeup, shimmer or glitter

If I still haven’t convinced you by now that you can look gorgeous at any age, then please take a look at the pictures below. These women prove that beauty is truly ageless!




Image Sources

Carmen – 01_53_BEAUTY_VIRGI_1219808k

Diane Lane –—actresses-over-50-jpg.jpg

Meryl Streep –

Julie Walters –

Helen Mirren –

Kim Cattrall –

Angela Bassett –

Debbie Allen –

Phylicia Rashad –

Susan Sarandon –

Glenn Close –























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