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September Is PCOS Awareness Month

Hello, friends! 

This month I want to talk about something a little different. I want to help bring awareness to a health condition called PCOS. This is something that I have been dealing with for about 25 years now and is the reason I started this site. I feel like it is so important for women and men to be educated on this subject as it actually affects both parties especially when it comes to relationships. Continue reading

a few months ago

We Need To Talk: Eating For Improved Health and Beauty

Eating For Health

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” ~ Buddha

Hey Guys and Gals,

If you are a regular subscriber you may have noticed that I haven’t posted in a while.  I have missed you all and I have missed writing. In this post, I am going to get very personal. I generally like to keep things as light and humorous as possible, but sometimes things in life are not full of rainbows and sunshine. Okay, here goes…Continue reading

The Oil Cleansing Method: How To Get Truly Clean Skin

The Oil Cleansing Method

Hi there, my Lovelies!

Have you ever thought that getting truly clean, clear, glowing skin is something only other people get to experience? With all of the ads in beauty magazines and even here on the internet, having great skin seems like a myth.

Yes, we do need really good skin care products, but the eternal pursuit of perfect beauty seems a little unreal after a while. My personal experience has been that most of us have much better skin than we realize. With that said, the real secret to perfect skin is keeping it clean and balanced. This is why I am now a fan of  Oil Cleansing. Continue reading

11 months ago

Open Letter to the Cosmetics Industry: Go Natural!

Open Letter

Dear Big Beauty,

I can remember the day I purchased my very first makeup products.  I went to my local drugstore and purchased a Covergirl blush, foundation, and pressed powder, Maybelline Mascara, and L’Oreal Lipstick.  I was so excited to put them on.  I felt so pretty and glamorous.  I also remember the day I broke up with these brands and a few others.

The more I used your drug store and name brand makeup, skin care, and body care the worse my skin got and the worse I felt physically.  For at least 10 years I suffered from acne, skin and scalp irritation, chronic sinus infections and more.

Once I discovered that my beloved products contained harmful chemical ingredients that I was slathering on my body each day and I stopped using them…  Voila!  No more acne, irritation or sinus infections.Continue reading

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Eye Makeup For Green Eyes: From Icy Mint To Deep Emerald

Eye Makeup For Green Eyes

“But for your eyes. Green as spring grass, and sparkling like dew in the morning sun.” ~ S.M. Carrière

Hello, green-eyed Beauties!

This is part four in my five-part series on the best eye makeup for your eye color.

There is something so intriguing about a woman with green eyes. But one thing I have noticed is that similar to blue eyes if you are not wearing the correct shades of eye makeup greens eyes can look dull and not even green at all. It is important for anyone to wear the correct colors, but I find it is even more, important for you emerald eyed beauties.

Continue reading

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The Best Lighting for Flawless Makeup Application


Hey, hey Beautiful!

Makeup faux pas. Most of us will experience at least one during our lifetime, whether it is wearing the wrong shade of foundation, getting lipstick on our teeth or poorly blended blush. Do your makeup skills suck? Probably not. Sometimes these things happen because we are in a rush and sometimes it is because we can’t properly see what the heck we are doing. Avoid these and other mistakes with proper lighting. Continue reading

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Eye Makeup For Grey Eyes: From Multicolored to Deep Steel

  “The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. ” ~ Jennifer Salaiz

Hello, steel-eyed Beauties!

For part three of my five-part series on the best makeup for your eye color, I will be addressing what looks best on you.

Grey eyes are really interesting. They range from true silver to deep charcoal or can contain a multitude of colors. Because of their ability to pick up other colors, they are often mistaken for blue eyes. However, truly blue eyes look REALLY blue when another blue shade is worn near them whereas grey eyes do not. Grey eyes will pick up some of the blue, but they will not change to a more blue tone.Continue reading

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Fall Makeup Trend: Grape/Cabernet Stained Lips


Hello, Beauty!

 With Fall right around the corner, I thought I would take a minute to go over one of the hottest trends this season. Deep grape/wine stained lips. Think, blackberry, merlot, deep cranberry, black cherry, etc. I personally love this look and would wear it all year round. It is so romantic and striking. But there is a trick to wearing a lip color this strong so that you don’t appear pale and washed out.Continue reading

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The Best Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes: Make Your Baby Blues Sparkle!


“My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected” ~ Anna M. Uhlich.

Hello, my lovely blue-eyed Gals!

This is part two in my five-part series on the best eye makeup for your eye color.

As I covered in my article on brown eyes, not all eyes in the same color family are identical. Some women have eyes with a predominantly warm undertone and others have a cool undertone or a combination of both. So, the key to really making your eyes sparkle is by wearing the correct tones of makeup.Continue reading