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Top 3 At-Home Anti-Aging Beauty Devices That Actually Work

Hello, Beauties!

I am a huge advocate of non-surgical and non-invasive beauty treatments. I truly believe that you can have an amazing complexion at any age and especially as you age by taking really good care of your skin both inside and out. Going under the knife or getting injections should be a last resort. Luckily in today’s modern age, there are many options available to us that previously did not exist. There are some pretty amazing beauty devices on the market that you can use in the comfort of your own home that really works and with proper use can yield some pretty amazing results. 

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Facial massage, laser, and light therapy have been around for a few years, but you used to have to get these treatments done in a spa. As much as I love going to my local day spa for a facial the treatments are costly. And if you are in need of regular treatments the costs really rack up. Most facial treatments cost between $50-$80 per treatment. The good news is you can get these treatments right in the comfort of your own home at a very reasonable price.

Galvanic Ultrasonic Hot and cold Device

This compact and portable gadget uses acoustic vibration along with heat and cold therapy to improve skin texture and tone. Can be used with lotions, creams, sheet masks, etc.
  • TO TIGHTEN SKIN- use the warm and cool massage with ultrasonic vibration, with this setting you can freely shift between hot and cold with 3-second intervals. 
  • COOL SETTING MODE- the cool mode helps to firm your skin, shrink pores and improves absorption of facial creams and serums. Enhances skin moisture and elasticity. It’s good to use in the morning before applying your makeup.
  • HOT SETTING MODE- improves skin temperature to quickly open the pores so that essences, masks or other skin treatments quickly penetrate the skin surface, providing deep nourishment to your face. This setting is best used in the evening as part of your final skincare routine or for doing at home facials.
  • ACOUSTIC VIBRATION- use the warm vibration to accelerate skincare absorption, cool to lock the moisture in while enjoying a comfortable massage.

Product details –

Product Dimensions: 7.9 x 2 x 1.4 inches ; 4.2 ounces

Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

How to Use:

1. Make sure your skin is clean.
2. Apply the skin care product of choice on your face.
3. Press the power button and choose the cool or warm mode.
4. Hold the device and massage your skin working from the outside in, bottom to top. Glide over the skin, do not drag.
5. Power off after wanted treatment time and gently wipe off the face of the device to keep it clean.

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ETTG Facial Beauty Massager

Research has proven that Ultrasonic Facials work on a deeper level compared to many other traditional facial techniques. The benefits of a 1Mhz sonic facial massager is an increase in circulation with the added bonus of feeling refreshed and beautiful. This device also helps replenish and provide nutrition deep into skin to enhance the results of your skincare products. It also helps to awaken skin vitality and rebuild skin elasticity by promoting collagen generation, stimulating blood circulation and cell activities. It is also great for helping to clear up and repair acne. There is no pain or redness with this type of treatment either. Its tremendous skin reviving effects can be seen 3-10 weeks of continued use.

Helps with:

  • Loose sagging skin
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Puffiness
  • Double chin
  • Dull skin due to poor circulation
  • Increases permeability of the epidermis to help serums, essences, creams, and other treatments absorb and work more effectively
  • Ultrasonic can also help decompose waste surrounding fat.

Product Specifications: 

  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof
  • 3 adjustable settings – high, medium, and low
  • Size – 10 x 7.3 x 2.9 inches
  • Weight: 178g
  • Color: White
  • Lithium Battery Capacity: 1100mAH
  • Adaptor Input power: AC 100V ¨C 240V
  • Product Certificate: CE, ROHS

Package includes: 

  • Facial Beauty Massager x1
  • Ac adaptor x1
  • Manual x1

Usage instructions:

Using this device is really easy. Always start with clean skin (I recommend a double cleanse starting with oil cleansing) (I recommend a double cleanse starting with oil cleansing). Apply your favorite skin serum such as the Vitamin C Serum from 100% Pure Cosmetics or the Revitalize Organic Facial Treatment Serum from Ecco Bella and turn the device on. Adjust to the preferred setting (high, medium or low) and gently glide over skin in upward and outward motions starting at the jawline and working your way up. Massage for 5-20 minutes.

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Rika LED facial massager

This device uses red, blue and green LED light therapy as well as a massage function which works in 2 modes: Intense vibration in continual progress or in intervals for discontinuous progress. Can be used on your face and body.
  • RED Light is one of the most powerful colors to increase blood circulation. Stimulate skin cells to excrete collagen to achieve firm and smooth texture.
  • BLUE Light has the excellent effect of curing acne and killing bacteria. It can adjust skin sebum secretion and effectively get rid of acne.
  • GREEN Light is used for anti-aging, smoothing wrinkle and fine lines, curing wounds purpose.

Product Details:

Color: White

Product Dimensions: 9.2 x 2.4 x 3.5 inches

Lights: 1.2 Watts

Charge Cord Included


Use this device 2~3 times a week with only 5 minutes on face or 10 to 15 minutes on your body each time. Level 1~3 are designed for face and Level 3~5 are designed for body use. Please apply your own toner and serum to your face before using the device. The ideal serum should be in a liquid form such as Vitamin C serum, hyaluronic acid, moisturizing essence etc. You may want to re-apply during the treatment.

If you want to turn on the LED lights, choose the PHOTON mode, then press SHIFT to switch among red/blue/green lights. The light will not light up until you press “Shift” button.

Cleanser function:

  • Apply clarifying toner.
  • Press “MODE” button, select “CLEAN+”. Choose your desired intensity. If you are a beginner, always start with intensity 1.
  • Press “CONFIRM”.
  • Massage the skin with the device for 3 mins.

Treat acne and scar:

  • Apply acne serum or clarifying toner.
  • Turn the device on and press “MODE” button until “PHOTON” is flashing. Press “SHIFT” and choose Blue light.
  • Remember to “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly move the machine around your treated area for 5 mins.
  • Press “MODE” to choose “PHOTON” function again. Press “SHIFT” and select Red light.
  • “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly massage the treated area for 5 mins.

Anti-aging/Nutrition function:

  • Apply an anti-aging serum or face oil.
  • Press “Mode” and select “NUTRI-” mode. Choose your desired intensity by using “SHIFT” button.
  • Select “PHOTON” by using “MODE”, then press “shift” to choose Red light.
  • Press “CONFIRM”.
  • Slowly slide the machine from lower part to the upper part of your face for 5 mins.

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Tips For Getting The Best Results

  1. Follow the instructions for each device exactly.
  2. Use the right skin care for the results you are trying to achieve.
  3. Be patient. It takes time but with continued use, you will see results.
  4. Use the device on a regular basis. As I stated above, it takes time to see big results so put yourself on a schedule just like you would if you were receiving regular treatments at a spa.
  5. Take pictures weekly or monthly of your bare skin. This will help you measure your progress. We all get so used to seeing our faces in the mirror every day that it can be hard to see the changes and improvement sometimes so taking lots of pictures helps.

What are some of your favorite beauty treatments? Leave us a comment below.



Lora is a native Californian currently living in the Southeast. She is an artist, designer, blogger and nature lover. Her hobbies include herbalism, cooking, baking, creating DIY aromatherapy recipes, sipping wine and listening to music. She also loves to go hiking and camping.


Lora is a native Californian currently living in the Southeast. She is an artist, designer, blogger and nature lover. Her hobbies include herbalism, cooking, baking, creating DIY aromatherapy recipes, sipping wine and listening to music. She also loves to go hiking and camping.

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